Understanding Spread

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Purpose of the spread:

This spread helps give insight into a question. It will give methods of answering the question, and a deeper understanding of why the question is being asked in the first place.

What you will find out:

What the question means to you, why you’re asking the question, what you need to do, and the outcome if you follow the advice.

How to pose the question:

What will happen…?


Card Positions:

  1. You: This card represents who you are in regards to the question.
  2. Want: This is the ideal, what you could have if everything went your way.
  3. Fear: This is the worst-case scenario, what would happen if everything did not go your way.
  4. Have: This is what is already available to you.
  5. Need: This is what is necessary to fulfill the question.
  6. Root (of the Question): Why are you really asking this question?
  7. Lesson: What you need to learn.
  8. Steps: Actions to take to move towards the goal.
  9. Outcome: If you follow the advice, this will likely take place.

Try it out! What is your question?

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