Three Card Spread

Purpose of the spread:

Typically used for past, present and future, the three-card spread is a classic that helps give you a well-rounded insight into the timing of an area. Here, I spin the classic spread to Context, Situation and Advice.

What you will find out:

Context: What is going on in the background of the question? Where are you coming from? It could be something in the past, or something that is constantly on your mind, or something that you should remember when considering the situation.

Situation: What is happening now, currently? It could be the general state of things, what you are currently thinking, doing, or feeling about the question. It could be what is actually happening that you hadn’t considered.

Advice: How do you move forward? It could be steps that you should take, things to keep in mind when making decisions, or a new way to look at the situation.


How to pose the question:

  • Questions can be broad or specific
  • Works well as a spread-of-the-day
  • What will happen with…?
  • How am I seen by…?

Card Positions:

  1. Context: Influences that are affecting the situation (past)
  2. Situation: The current state of things (present)
  3. Advice: Something to keep in mind when going forward (future)

Try it out! What is your question?

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