Stepping Stones Spread

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Purpose of the spread:

We all have things that we want and for which we strive. Hope is part of what keeps us feeling human, like we have a purpose in life. But sometimes that hope becomes overwhelming and you just want to find out when you might see the desired event take place! The real answer is that you might not, or that there are a few things you need to be comfortable with first.

What you will find out:

Wisdom: steps that need to take place before an event will happen.
Timing: pay attention to patterns that appear in the suits and the numbers.

How to pose the question:

  • When will something happen…?
  • What has to happen before…?
  • What can I learn from…?
  • How do I…?

Card Positions:

A desired event will happen when…

  1. You realize… (a new piece of information)
  2. You accept… (a challenge)
  3. You acknowledge… (something that has always been there)
  4. You do… (an action)
  5. Outcome… (likely result if advice is taken)

Try it out! What is your question?

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