Think of a question or topic you would like guidance on… Then click on the spread you think fits the question best and scroll to the bottom to get your virtual reading.

Single Card

Perfect for getting quick clarification or insight into something, even a previous reading. Also useful for meditation.

Three Card Spread

A classic spread that’s used to give quick understanding of a situation by looking at the context and next steps.

Celtic Cross Spread

A traditional tarot spread that gives you insight into the timing, influences and challenges of a situation.

Life Advice

Get advice in the different areas of your life, whether it is what you should do, what you need to learn, or something to keep in mind in order to gain a sense of equilibrium and achievement.

Character Reading

Gain insight into the different areas of your life. Find out what has happened in certain areas of your life, what is happening, what will happen, and how all the different areas of your life are intertwined.

Choice Spread

This spread is great for comparing two different choices, or for seeing the differences between two options or two people.

Understanding Spread

This spread helps give insight into a question. It will give methods of answering the question, and a deeper understanding of why the question is being asked in the first place.