Can a tarot reading predict your future? Most people turn to the Tarot expecting just that, but I haven’t found that to be the real purpose of the deck. The images of the cards are full of lessons and situations that are common to everyone, so I believe they simply offer advice to consider.

I have found that tarot readings can be eerily accurate. Whether this is because you take the advice and subconsciously mold it to yourself in a constructive way, or because some guiding force places the advice that you need to consider, I cannot say. Either way, the same result is often achieved; you get advice from a second party that is not sympathetic and has no real context, so it forces you to think about your situation in ways that you might not have considered before.

Readings can be cheeky, they can be blunt, they can be hopeful, and they can be frustrating. Often they tell you something you already knew, but which you might not have had conscious awareness of. Sometimes they answer your questions with such honesty that you have some trouble accepting what they have to say. With this comes the warning that you should never ask questions that you don’t want answered. Unbiased honesty can feel harsh when you’re not truly ready for it.

Each of the cards do come with some general agreed-upon meanings, though the true interpretations of them can become so complex and involved, that the slant of the meaning becomes very personal to each individual as they learn more about the deck.

Tarot can be used to give insight into a situation, to give advice on how to proceed, to express a situation you aren’t sure how to put into words. The cards are even used by writers and story-tellers to help add depth to characters or twists to plots. Tarot cards are so rich in their uses, their meaning and their history. Pinning them down simply to telling the future misses a lot of their purpose and potential – though fortune telling is by far one of the most fun ways to use your deck!