1. Have the person you’re doing the reading for ask a question, or think of a general area of their life that they would like advice in.
  2. Pick a spread from pages 28-32 that you think goes well with the question. The spreads give readings structure and direction for answering questions.
  3. Have the person asking the question shuffle the deck.
  4. Get them to pick their cards face-down from the deck, the ones that “feel right”, and pile them in order, bottom to top.
  5. Gather the cards and lay them out according to the spread.
  6. Explain each card in turn, noting its position, and then its meaning.
  7. Take a look at the over-all patterns present in the cards. Are there certain numbers that appear often? Certain suits, people, or images? What might those mean overall?
  8. Ask the person to consider what it all means to them, and ask if they want any clarification on the reading.

The steps outlined above are by no means set in stone. Do what feels comfortable to you, and create your own rituals!