Choice Spread

Purpose of the spread:

This spread is great for comparing two different choices, or for seeing the differences between two options or two people.

What you will find out:

Each option will show you the positive aspects, the difficulties that might come along, and the core quality or ultimate outcome of that choice. The advice card will help point you in the right direction as to which choice to make, or how to make the choice yourself.

How to pose the question:

  • How do I choose between…?
  • Which choice is better for me..?
  • What are my options…?
  • What should I decide…?
  • What are the differences between…?

Card Positions:

Option 1: (1) Strengths, (2) Challenges, (3) Significance.
Option 2: (4) Strengths, (5) Challenges, (6) Significance.
(7) Advice.

Try it out! What is your question?

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