Celtic Cross Spread

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Purpose of the spread:

The celtic cross is both simple and detailed. It helps give context to a question by looking at the big picture and influences.

What you will find out:

This spread gives a snapshot of the current state, but also offers the hidden context and external influences. It will give you practical advice


How to pose the question:

  • I find the Celtic Cross is better geared towards big-picture questions where you can get a large snapshot as well as more personal insight. Though it can be used to answer any question, it tends to give you more to chew on than if you’re looking for a quick and direct answer

Card Positions:

  1. Situation: Expresses the matter or question at hand
  2. Challenge: Shows the forces that may hinder or oppose the matter or question at hand
  3. Root: Represents the underlying influences of the matter at hand or question
  4. Past: Shows the influences that are passing or coming to an end
  5. Goal: Denotes the expectations or ideals that are being aimed for
  6. Future: Represents the influences that are likely to occur in the near future
  7. Hopes & Fears: Represents the intense range of feelings that the questioner may have
  8. External Influences: Denotes the people, events or energies that affect the situation that are out of the querrent’s control
  9. Advice: Expresses recommended approach of how to address challenges and move towards the outcome
  10. Outcome: This card shows the final outcome of the question or matter at hand

Try it out! What is your question?


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