The Sun

Meaning: Pure happiness.
Keywords: Success, Clarity, Joy, Understanding
Advice: Dance, laugh, jump, sing! Allow yourself to completely celebrate and enjoy what you have.
Caution: To be truly happy, sometimes we need to be more honest.
Question: What is going well? What can you be more honest about?
Element: Air
Planet: Sun
Numerology: 1
Card of the Day:

Be as optimistic and honest as you can today. Make note of all the things that are going right in your life

Past: A time when things were going well, and you were either aware of it at the time, or hindsight is making you realise how good things were.
Present: There’s a lot to be happy for. Take time to appreciate the good things that might otherwise get overlooked.
Future: Prepare for some revelations and honesty that will make life clearer and better.

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