The Charming Tarot

About This Deck

There are many types of tarot decks with varying images, names and numbers. This deck is based on the more common and traditional “Rider-Waite” style deck, meaning there are 78 cards with common imagery, names and a certain order. I have taken a few liberties throughout the deck to better portray the meanings that I have absorbed from the cards, and what I believe better communicates the meanings to others.


A number of characters run throughout this deck. Specifically the Fool, and each member of the Royal Court from each suit. This is not necessarily traditional (aside from the Fool), but I deliberately chose to do this in order to tell a story for the individual cards, for each suit, and within the deck as a whole. This adds a layer of meaning and helps show how the cards can interact with each other.

Art Style

The art style and imagery of the deck was also chosen quite deliberately. I personally am a big fan of “Vintage” styles of the modern era between 1900-1950, so I chose art and culture styles to inspire the direction of each suit which I believe corresponds to their meanings.

The suit of Wands is inspired by the Carnivalesque style, with its flashy shows, magic acts and hot-headed performers who are there for the thrill as much as the money.

The suit of Cups is inspired by Art Nouveau, the embellished and whimsical style full of romance and beauty.

The suit of Daggers is inspired by the Film Noire style, where mystery looms in the shadows, and hard-hearted detectives seek out answers from quick-witted femme-fatales.

The suit of Stones is inspired by the Art Deco style of simplicity and structure meeting lavish wealth.

Finally, the Major cards which don’t fall under any suit, tend to be inspired by the Classical Renaissance Revival style which reared its head again around the turn of the century, as it has throughout time. This is the Greek and Roman style full of symmetry and clean lines. It tends to appear in history during times of great discovery, learning and power.

So why “The Charming Tarot”?

I debated about the name of this deck for a long time, and then – as some things tend to do – it came to me in a burst of inspiration one day, and I was surprised at how simple it was and how completely well it fit. “Charming” brings to mind fairy tales and inspirational people. It brings to mind magic and romance, thieves and tricksters, persuasion and hope. It summons the imagery of everything this deck stands for, and it does it all with a wink and a smile.

Thank You!

I began this deck as a mere thought when I was preparing to create my graduation portfolio at school for Graphic Design. The idea struck me as something that would be a great piece that would showcase both my abilities as an artist and my interests. Little did I know how much effort was needed to put into conceptualizing and actually producing a Tarot deck. I was warned, but forged onwards foolishly, determinedly and eventually passionately. Keith and Kally, I officially admit 3 years later that 4 months is really not enough time to make a tarot deck. But I eventually did it!

Within the intervening years, however, I decided to do it right. Thank you to Chris and Kathryn for not only supporting my new obsession, but for joining in and learning with me. Thanks to all my friends and family members for humouring me by letting me practice readings with my reference books in hand. A big thank you to all the models that posed in odd positions with little preparation or understanding of my requests as I snapped hundreds of shots with my phone! You were all fantastic. Thank you to everyone that witnessed and encouraged the progression of the cards as I posted the different stages on social media. The tedious task of designing 78 cards went by much faster with all the feedback and the likes! Everyone’s support has been overwhelming, and I know I could not have done any of this without you.